What is the Screening?

The screening is an academic and professional examination which allows us to elaborate an overall analysis of the admission and scholarship potential of your student profile.

The result of the screening shows the quality of your merits and how strong your profile is, allowing you to be more certain of your admission and scholarship chances.

What is the Magic?

The "magic" is very simple:

  • Once we have confirm the payment you will provide your academic and professional profile data.
  • We run your profile data inside Apply to Sweden´s extensive database of Alumni profiles.
  • Using several data points we compared your profile data against admitted and scholarship profile data.
  • The results of the data points gives us the probability of admission and scholarship of your profile.
  • Based on that probability we suggest to you the best suitable masters programs for your profile + applicable recommendations to increase your chances even more.
  • Boom.. Magic is done!


Years accumulating Alumni profile data


Alumni profiles in the algorithm


of those +3200 were admitted profiles


of those +3200 were scholarship profiles

For whom is the Screening for?

The Screening is for you who wants to save yourself, 

  • Time by not spending unnecessary hours writing motivational essays, filling forms, editing CV´s, organizing documents...
  • Money by not paying for worthless translations, legal seals, applications fees, document posting, public transport...
  • Stress and anxiety by not using your energy and mental health...

...in an application that might not give you the results you are looking for.

Additionally, you :

  • Want to be sure if you have any chances  to be admitted to a master´s program and be awarded an scholarship.
  • Have a bachelor´s degree or are studying your last year of bachelors.
  • Plan or want to study abroad in an innovative country like Sweden.

What will I get?

You will get:

  • Get a unique and custom report based on your individual academic and professional profile.
  • A clearer picture of your admission and scholarship probability level based on your academic and professional profile.
  • Get exclusive access to our 1-to-1 communication mail channels where you can clear all your doubts.

Click the image to view a sample Profile Screening.

What is inside the Screening?

Your Screening custom reports contains:

  • Your admissions probability:  The analysis of your probability of being admitted to a master´s programme in Sweden. This allow us to provide specific counseling for your individual profile.  
  • Your scholarship probability:  The analysis of your scholarship probability based on past academic performance. This allow us to guide you to explore possible scholarship opportunities or tuition financial solutions.
  • Swedish Institute scholarship analyzer: Based on the information you provide to Apply to Sweden, it is also possible to analyze if you fulfill the requirements to apply to a Swedish Institute Scholarship.
  • 2 university suggestions: Including in the Screening there are two (2) tailored made master´s programme suggestions which are selected based on your career objectives and profile strength.

Why is the Screening important?

The quality of your profile is determinant in order to find out how suitable your profile is for Swedish university standards, the quality is quantified with your student academic and professional criteria which defines your admission value.

By performing the Screening you will have a clear notion of the quality of your profile, for that reason, if the results of your screening are in some extent unfavorable (results show low probability of admission and scholarship awarding), we suggest to NOT APPLY for a master´s programme in Sweden.

Why should I trust you?

Hi there, my name is Andres and I rock on 🎸 as Customer Manager here in Apply to Sweden.

As you have read ( or will read 😊 ) in the About Us page, we are here to help you avoid the pain of not getting an scholarship and that is why I will guide you hand to hand through this adventure.

As the why you should trust me?.... well, as every person´s trust criteria varies, I have for you:

  • my years of experience and,
  • my willingess to help you,

as me golden cards of trustworthiness.

My experience and willigness to help are based on what we call as "triple insider".

  • An insider as I have been a master´s candidate (as you are right now), a master´s alumni and a former university recruiter. 
  • An triple, because I was an insider in three things you know, candidate, alumni and recruiter, three things, triple insider, hahaha. 😁

This "triple insider" set was determinant to optimize the data points for admission and scholarship that we offer in the Profile Screening.

You can always read more about why me and Natalia created Apply to Sweden to help you avoid the pain of not getting an scholarship.

How much does the Screening cost?

Regular Price

187 €

Minus Discount

- 40 €


= 147 €

How do I request the Screening?

It´s very simple 😊:

  • Request your Screening: Fill out the Request form with your details, you will be prompt to the payment gateway. 
  • Complete the Payment: Once the payment of €147 is confirmed you will get an email with the Screening instructions.
  • Get your Profile Screening: Follow the instructions and receive your Profile Screening within 2 business days.

Request your Profile Screening

  1. 1
    Enter your name. If your Name is usually written in another alphabet different than English (i.e Chinese), please write it in your mother language and also in the English form. For example, 李连杰 - Jet Li.
  2. 2
    Enter your email. Write the email you use for your important stuff as you are going to receive all the instructions and related information about your Profile Screening in that email. 
  3. 3
    Confirm you are not a robot 😍.
  4. 4
    Click Request Screening button.

The price for your Profile Screening is €147.

Note: Add screening@applytosweden.com to your email list to avoid getting our emails into spam 😊



Will I get admitted with an scholarship after doing the Screening?

We would love that 😍, however there are two variables to take into account here:

  1. 1
    The Profile Screening does not replace the regular application process you have to follow with University Admissions. You have to apply first and then wait for the results of admission. This variable you can control as it is in your hands to apply for a Masters Program. 
  2. 2
    The number of candidates who apply for the Masters Program you choose. You will be competing for a spot inside the master program. This variable can not be control by anyone in the world as it is impossible to know who will apply or not.

After you apply to a Master Program there are 4 scenarios that could happen:

  • First Scenario: If the number of applicants is very high and the candidates have very good profile, your chances are low.
  • Second scenario: If the number of applicants is very high but the candidates profiles are not that good, your chances increases.
  • Third scenario: If the number of applicants is normal/low and the candidates have very good profile, your chances increases.
  • Fourth scenario: If the number of applicants is normal/low but the candidates profiles are not that good, your chances increases even more.
I already have a Masters degree, do I have to do another one?

The answer to this question depends on from which country your Masters Degree is from:

  1. 1
    If you hold a Masters Degree from a country inside the European Union, US or UK; you might not have to do another Masters Program, in this case you can jump to apply for a PhD or a work position. 
  2. 2
    If you hold a Masters Degree from a country outside the European Union, US or UK; we suggest to do a new Masters Program. In the next line you will find the reasons.

Reasons to do another Masters Program in Sweden:

  • If you want to come to Sweden and plan to stay for a while, we suggest to do another Masters. This is the fastest way to come and live in Sweden. When admitted you will get a Residence Permit for studies, you will have 2 years to learn the language, get use to the culture, get to know people, network for future job opportunities, and more. The second fastest way to come to Sweden is if you have a relationship with a Swede, we cannot provide guidance in this love matter 🥰.
  • If you want to study a PhD, we suggest to do another Masters. You will increase your chances on getting a PhD position as you will get to know the professors, study methodology and research crew. You can find more information here
  • If you want to work, we also suggest to study another Masters. Employers value candidates that have studied in Sweden and have get familiar with Sweden culture. You can find work information here.
Do I have to send any documents for the Screening? i.e My CV or Diplomas?

No. We don´t need any of your documents to perform the Profile Screening. 

The Profile Screening operates only with the data your provide via the form we send to you when you make the payment of the Screening. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that is is very important that you send us data that is:  

  • Transparent ( False data will only harm you in the long run 😟)
  • Accurate ( Avoid bloated or round up numbers )
  • Updated

The quality of the Screening depends on the quality of the data you send 😊.

Will you check my application documents if I pay for the Screening?

In order to check your application documents, we have a service called:


Year after year, we have gone through and analysed the most common problems that international candidates experience when applying to Swedish Master’s Programmes. This methodical process has given us the tools necessary to offer the Pre-Assessment service.

The Pre-Assessment service is the proper continuation of the Screening Service. It consists of a extended academic and professional profile evaluation and includes comprehensive document support throughout the whole application process.

If you wish to access the service you will be assigned to me, Andres Cuaran, CEO and Client Manager of Apply to Sweden. I will be your direct link to the service and also your right hand during the application process.

If you are interested to access the Pre-assessment service, send us an email to preassessment@applytosweden.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.  


Can I cancel my service after I pay the Screening?

Yes of course 😊!

You can get your money back in a few days if you request your money refund within 2 days after you purchase the Profile Screening. After 2 days you cannot longer request your refund. 

What does this mean?. It means that you pay for the Profile Screening on Monday, you can ask for your refund on Tuesday or Wednesday,  but on Thursday you cannot longer ask for refund.

Why within 2 days after my purchase?. When you pay for your Profile Screening we get to work right away we have confirmed your payment. As it takes us around 2 days to perform your Screening you can still cancel your service (ask for refund) before we send your results. After getting your results you cannot longer ask for a refund. 

If I cancel today, when will I get my money back? If you ask for your refund today, your credit card account should receive the funds within 5-7 business days. PayPal refunds are immediate.

You can read more here in our Refund Policy. 

Can I pay with Cash, Bitcoin or Western Union?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Discover
  • Visa (including Visa Electron)
  • Mastercard
  • AMEX
  • Maestro
  • Diner's Club
  • PayPal

We accept some debit cards, but do not support Cash, Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency), Western Union, Stripe, Skrill, animal pelts, or moon rocks as payment forms.

When ready to pay in Gumroad it says "Your card will be charged US$ 2XX.XX", but the service cost 147‎€ , why is it more money?

Easy answer 😊

Our payment gateway Gumroad is located in the US, which means that processes all transactions in United States Dollars.

The Screening service cost 147 ‎€, but the charge is made in US Dollars (USD), and that is why it looks you are been charged more money, but it doesn't. It is just the EUR to USD exchange rate.

Gumroad uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing.

Do I have to pay VAT / Taxes?

If you live in the E.U. (European Union) the answer is Yes, you pay VAT as Gumroad collects VAT as required and remits it to the EU.

In the example image you see you are getting charged US$ 218.78*, this charge has included US$ 43.76 for VAT as you are located in Sweden, and Sweden is part of the E.U.

At the end, you pay US$ 218.78 which has the VAT included. You dont have to calculate anything, Gumroad calculates everything for you 😊

*Our payment gateway Gumroad is located in the US, which means that processes all transactions in United States Dollars. Gumroad uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing.


If you have any question or doubts about... 

Masters Programs in Sweden

Including application process, program selection, tuition fess, etc....

Send us your questions to questions@applytosweden.com

Subject: Questions about Masters in Sweden

Profile Screening

Please feel free to send us a mail to screening@applytosweden.com

Subject: Questions about Profile Screening