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What do you get when you put together the next three words?

“Apply” + “to” + “Sweden”...

An exciting new adventure with an abundance of untapped career potential...that’s what!

And because our mission with Apply to Sweden is to save you the pain of not getting an scholarship, we´re bringing the goods in this mega guide on Apply to Sweden Masters Programs.

This 3 part guide will give you everything you need to apply to a master’s program in Sweden; from Why you should come to Sweden to How to sort & submit your documents, and on top of that What can you do to enhance your possibilities of admission and scholarship. All is here, awesome right 😁?

This guide is so deep, we’ve separated into 3 chapters and 13 steps. The three chapters are named The Why, The How and The What, and inside the chapter 2 'The How' you can find all 13 steps to guide you through your application documentation.

The Ultimate Guide to Apply to Masters programs in Sweden - Chapter Breakdown

Before we start with chapter breakdown, take into account the following statements. With :

  • the right mindset (without sounding like a coach or guru),
  • our guidance here in Apply to Sweden
  • and your commitment to your future,

you can bet you will have the best application/document set up available up today.

Whether this is your first time applying for a masters program in Sweden, or have applied to other European universities before, this guide will be useful for you.

Let’s continue!

There are 3 chapters in total in this guide.

  1. 1
    Why you should Apply to Sweden´s Masters Programs?
  2. 2
    How you can Apply to Sweden´s Masters Programs?
  3. 3
    What you can do to increase your chances of admission and scholarship when you Apply to Sweden´s Masters Programs?

Here´s an overview of each chapter in this guide:

Chapter 1: Why you should Apply to Sweden´s Masters Programs?

What you will pick up?

  • We know how you feel...
  • Why Sweden and not another country?
  • Understanding how "lagom" will change your life

chapter 1 milestone:

Embrace Sweden as your destination to enhance your career.

Chapter 2: How you can Apply to Sweden´s Master’s programs?

What you will pick up?

  • Pre-requisites and requisites of your application
  • Selection of masters program and university
  • Document sorting and submission

chapter 2 milestone:

Gathering of all required criteria for a succesful university application

Chapter 3: What you can do to increase your chances of admission and scholarship when you Apply to Sweden´s Masters Programs?

What you will pick up?

  • A reminder of the importance of the Profile Screening 

chapter 3 milestone:

Lets put our hands to work and let´s check if your profile!

Conclusion - Ready to Apply to Sweden?

Applying to Sweden is a big decision, and preparing all the documents and requirements comes with its own challenges and benefits, but ultimately if you follow this guide accordingly, your application process can be way more smooth and less stressful compared if you don’t follow the guide.

Whether you’re applying for the first time, looking for ways to improve your application, or just want to know if your profile is good enough to apply, this ultimate guide has something for every applicant.

While you´re here, scroll down to the comments, leave us your feedback, or tell us exactly where you are in your application process, or tell us that one BIG thing we can help you with as a Swedish Masters Program applicant.

P.S.: If you´re the type of person that skips to the end of a post looking for the TLDR; here it is:

In this mega-guide on Swedish Master´s Program applications, we´re going to show you everything you need to know about starting, organizing, and submitting the best application in increase your chances of getting admitted to a Masters Program with a scholarship. Now scroll back up and dive in.

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Hi there, my name is Andres and I am the Customer Manager 🎸 here in Apply to Sweden. As you have read (or will read 😊) on the About Us page, we are here to help you avoid the pain of not getting a scholarship and that is why I will guide you hand-to-hand through this adventure. Let´s do it ! 🧡

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