Yes, everything about Sweden must be new for you doesn't it? (If not, take this as a reminder 😁)

Do you feel all those questions and thoughts around your mind…..

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Yeah I remember…… because I want to study and live abroad and stuff..
  • Wait… Is it Sweden or Switzerland I’m planning to go to?
  • It’s Sweden…….yes Stockholm and Abba and Ikea...
  • Damn, do I have to speak English or Swedish?
  • Well I just know English so fuck it 🙃.
  • What documents do I need to go there? Lets Google….
  • Mannnnnnn so many websites and info…..this is going to take time...
  • Wait, can I work in Sweden? Let's check...
  • Mmm….yeah it says here on this page, I will bookmark it.
  • OMG, did you know that Spotify is from Sweden? Wowwwwwwww
  • Focussssssss, the documents, the documents.
  • Wait, Sweden looks expensive, how much does the tuition fee cost?
  • Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I don’t have money!, let's check for scholarships...
  • Oooooo man, this is going to be hard to get, it's always the nerds that get the scholarships...
  • But wait, can I still apply for the scholarships right?
  • Ughhhhhh I don’t know if my student grades are good enough though…
  • Damn…… should I still apply?
  • Man, this is heavy!
  • …………………………😓

It was the same for us you know.

For us, that story ends up being admitted to the universities but not with a scholarship. It was a sweet and sour feeling to know that we got inside, but no money to help us.

For some other candidates, they didn’t even get the admission.

All that ...

  • Effort
  • Time
  • Money
  • Energy
  • Hopes
  • and Dreams

... trashed just like that 😥!

For years candidates we´ve met, people we know, friends, friends of friends, family, all of them were applying and not getting admission, not getting scholarships.

Complete sadness, despair, and anger were the only things left.

We got tired of that!

It would be amazing and we would love to give you admission and scholarships, but we can’t, we are not the universities!

But there should be a way to avoid that pain, to avoid spending all that effort, time, money, energy, hopes, and dreams.

If we only could know at least at some level that our grades are enough, enough to give us a little hope, hope to know that every form we fill, every document we sort, every email we write has at least some chance….. That would be enough.

There should be a way, there must be a method, process, system, plan, whatever, there should be a way!


Drum roll 🥁………..We build that “way”!. That is what we did, now there is a solution to avoid all that pain….

But first...

Natalia Ortiz

Hi there, we are Andres and Natalia! And we are here to tell you … We feel you! 🧡.

We are ready to guide you through your application journey and aim for that so wanted/so needed scholarship to Study your Masters Program.

How did this become our life?

Well, in 2015, we noticed that an insane amount of candidates were applying to Masters Programs in Sweden, around 50000 by then, but the available scholarships offered by the universities and the government didn't even surpass the 1000. That led us to the fact that many candidates were aiming for something that it might be impossible to win, literally as a lottery.


So, we wanted to know what those yearly 1000 candidates had in common, we started to gather profile data from admitted candidates and alumni who were awarded scholarships, this gave us a clearer picture on the admission criteria and the requirements the universities were looking for to award scholarships.

5 data profiles became 3200 data profiles.

As we talked with current master students and alumni around Sweden, from Malmö to Umeå, from Gothenburg to Stockholm, many dots started to get connected and the picture started to make sense. The more the quantity and quality of Data Profiles, clearer admission and scholarship criteria.  

5 Data Profiles by 2015
3200 Data Profiles by 2020

Furthermore, besides the gathered data for our algorithm, every alumni also shared their story with us, the gains and pains of the application process, the tips, recommendations and a not-to-do list of things if you want to get admitted.

Soon after that...

Data Profiles + Life Experiences = The Magic Formula.

Within 5 years of gathering data, our magic formula (as we used to call the Profile Screening) had already helped more than 214 Test Candidates to find out if their profiles were enough to get admitted and get awarded a scholarship. We are sooooo happy 😀 they saved lots of time, stress, energy and over all, they avoided the pain of the uncertainties.

Amazing, right?

Now, we have moved from testing to the real deal, after compiling the results of the 214 test candidates + 3200 data profiles, we are now able to let the Profile Screening help you and help the candidates who want to come to Sweden 🌍.

Let's check your profile shall we?

Additionally, you don't have to pay for expensive study consultants to guide you with your Master's Application, here you have all the information you need for FREE to get your application on the gold spot so you can increase your chances to get admitted to a Masters Program.

Our Mission:
To help you to avoid all that unnecessary pain of not getting a scholarship by checking if your profile has the necessary requirements to win one.

Before we go, we want to invite you get in touch with us (you know, just if you feel you need to), we wont ask for your email as other spammy businesses do (unless you purchase the Profile Screening, for that we need your email, without it we cant send you your results 😅), so as we said, if feel the need to send us an email to info@applytosweden and we would get back you as soon as we can.

And hey, remember, we are here for you 🧡!

Let´s keep in touch,

Andres & Natalia